Car Show

2015. With Sean Slattery, Clark County Government Center, Las Vegas, NV

Car Show is an exhibition of sculptures by Justin Favela and Sean Slattery that references three tragic events that captivated the nation, all featuring automobiles. From the photo of famous musical artist Tupac Shakur's drive-by death in Las Vegas, to the tense media coverage of Yolanda Saldivar's standoff in her truck after murdering the Tejano crossover sensation Selena, to the celebrated network coverage of OJ Simpson's flight through the Los Angeles freeways and streets, the car was prominent in our memories.  A black BMW, a red GMC truck, and a white Chevy Bronco: the famous cars become the surrogates of the perpetrators and victims of three of the most infamous iconic events of the 90s.

Photos: Mikayla Whitmore


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